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Shocks & Struts

Struts and shocks can add up to be a very expensive job. At Quality Lube & Tune, we strive to give our customers quality automotive repairs and stay within your budget.  Shocks and struts along with other various suspension components can lead to a multitude of problems for you vehicle. Sometimes the result is in the form of a clunk or a squeak. Shocks and struts are also known to throw the alignment of you vehicle out of specification, along with wearing out your brake pads prematurely.   If any work is done to the suspension of your vehicle, it is necessary in most instances to align the vehicle after the repair is done. At Quality Lube & Tune, we can do both services for you!

Do I need an alignment?

It is very possible for your vehicle to need an alignment and it go unnoticed. A basic alignment is an adjustment of 3 angles. Caster, camber and toe. Most cars are usually out of specification in camber and/or toe and usually aren't noticed until it has done damage to the tires. If the camber or toe is "out" it will usually cause uneven tread wear to the tires without ever causing the vehicle to pull. It can also result in bad handling and poor fuel mileage. If your car is pulling one way or the other, chances are the caster angle is out of adjustment. Here at Quality Lube & Tune, we check all 3 angles simultaneously to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. We use state of the art camera and mirror equipment to get your wheel alignment adjusted as close to perfect as possible.

All alignments are 4-wheel alignments even if not adjustable.

$29.98 Alignment Check or FREE with Alignment

Don't wait until it's too late. If you have recently replaced your tires, or you haven't started to see uneven tire wear yet, call us to schedule an appointment to have an alignment check. We will test drive your vehicle, inspect all suspension components, and check all 3 alignment angles. If it turns out that you need an alignment, we can do it usually within the hour, and we will apply the $29.98 towards your total cost of the alignment. $29.98 is a small investment to ensure you get the maximum life from your tires, your vehicle is handling at its best, and that you are getting the best fuel mileage that you possibly can.

4 Wheel Alignment | Tucson, AZ | Quality Lube & Tune

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