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Transmission Flush only $69.98

100% fluid exchange. Most cars can be serviced in 30 minutes or less. Some cars require special fluids or additives.

Transmission Services

Automatic Transmission Flush (100% Fluid Exchange) $79.98 Most cars require a $15 additive
Automatic Transmission Filter Change starting at $119.98  
Manual Transmission Service $49.98  

*Prices are subject to change depending upon fluids, labor times, or additional parts.

FREE Transmission Diagnostic

If you have your transmission repaired with us, the diagnostic is FREE! Quality Lube and Tune diagnoses a multitude of transmission problems: transmission slipping, clutches, hydraulics, and shifting.

Transmission Preventative Maintenance

Replacing a transmission can be expensive. The number 1 cause of transmission failure is due to over heating. Since Arizona experience extreme heat in the summer months, it is crucial to your transmissions life that you stay on top of its maintenance. You should replace your transmission fluid every 18 months or 30,000 miles (whichever comes first)

Transmission Flush | Tucson, AZ | Quality Lube & Tune

Take advantage of all our unbeatable transmission services today!


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