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Quality Lube & Tune services brakes on all makes and models. We will replace your brake pads using the manufacture's recommendation to ensure extended life and performance.

What kind of brakes do I need?

When replacing brake pads there are a lot of options to choose from. Prices may vary depending upon the quality of the pad that is needed. We will help you find the right brake pads for your vehicle that will perform the best and be the most comfortable on your budget. We carry:

  • Organic brake pads
  • Semi-metallic brake pads
  • Ceramic Brake pads

Trust your brakes to the professionals

Brakes can cause problems in multiple ways. We have seen it all. If your brake pedal is pulsating, it means your brake rotors and/or drums are warped and may need to be replaced. If all you are hearing is a squeak, you may just need to have them cleaned or adjusted. It could also mean that your disc brakes are getting close to needing replacement. Bring them in so we can check them. Don't let them squeak for too long!

What is included in our inspection?
Test drive, visual inspection of all brake pads and/or shoe linings, calipers/wheel cylinders, hoses and lines, master cylinder, power brake system, measurements of all rotor and/or drums, check adjustment of drum brakes, brake fluid and brake lights.


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