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Free Diagnostic with Repair!

Most shops charge for the diagnostic fee on top of the repair bill. Most problems can be found in an hours time. If you choose to repair the vehicle with us, we will apply the $55 diagnostic fee towards your repair!

Check Engine light on?

The check engine light can be for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the light will intermittently go off and then come back on later. Sometimes it will flash, but most of the time it will just stay on. Regardless of what the light is doing, it is on for a reason. Not only will this light prevent you from passing emissions, but whatever the problem is, may be causing additional harm to other components. Most diagnostics can be performed in an hour or less. Sometimes the problems are something small and can be performed during the diagnostic. If a repair is necessary, we will allow you to bring the car back within 30 days of the original diagnostic and apply the $55 diagnostic fee towards your repair.

Can't you just read my codes?

The direct answer to this question is, yes, we can just read the codes. But, just reading the code/s does not tell you what the exact problem is. This can be confusing due to a lot of speculation and rumor that is in circulation. Each part of your vehicle is it's own system. When there is a failure in one of the many systems that your car has, it sends a code to your vehicles computer saying that there is a problem in this area. We use the code as a starting point, to tell us which system of the car needs to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, technology hasn't come up with a computer or diagnostic tool that can pin point the exact problem that causes a check engine light. Maybe one day?

Emissions Testing

Cars can fail emissions for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes its as easy as replacing the gas cap, but other times it may need an in-depth diagnostic and repair. If your Check Engine light is on, it is an automatic fail and not even worth taking it to the testing station until the problem has been fixed. The old trick of disconnecting you battery will not work to turn off the light. The emission station's equipment automatically checks each system and will be able to tell if the battery has been disconnected recently. For older vehicles, smog testing may be necessary. Quality Lube & Tune has all of the equipment to make sure your carbon monoxide levels are where they need to be before taking your car to get it tested. Call today to set up an appointment.

Other diagnostic services:

The term "diagnostics" is most commonly used today when speaking about the check engine light. However, there are multiple conditions that may call for diagnostic. These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Engine Noise
  • Idle Problems
  • Poor Performance
  • Drivetrain Noise
  • Drivetrain Vibration
  • Transmission Failure
  • Air Conditioning Ventilation restrictions
  • Electrical Malfunctions
  • 4X4 Malfunctions

If you'd like peace of mind to know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle to prevent from being stranded or causing more expensive repair bills later, let the experts at Quality Lube & Tune help you.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic | Tucson, AZ | Quality Lube & Tune

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