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Tucson can get pretty nasty in the summer months. If your AC doesn't seem to be working at it's full potential, call us to set up an appointment for a FREE AC inspection

Trust your comfort to the professionals

"Just a Freon charge", is a common expression that gets thrown around when speaking about air conditioning systems. The truth is, if your vehicle has ran low on Freon, it means that there is a leak in the airconditioning system somewhere. All newer AC systems are sealed systems that "in theory" should not run low on Freon. In recent years, there have been numerous products made available to the public that act as an avenue to add Freon back into your system. These are attractive because they are usually much cheaper than taking it to a mechanic for service. Unfortunately, these solutions are usually only a "band aide" for an underlying problem that will continue to get worse. These over-the-counter remedies usually end up doing more harm than good. They usually contain a sealant that can actually end up doing damage to more expensive parts of your system like the compressor. What seems like money saved can end up costing you hundreds of dollars more in repair costs later. Don't be a victim, let our certified technicians inspect your AC system for FREE before making any decisions.

What do I need?

There are multiple ways that an AC system can fail. From a customer's stand point, these problems may show themselves as warm air, a noise coming from the dash, limited or no air coming from the vents, or a foul smell coming from your AC vents. Stop in or call our friendly staff at Quality Lube & Tune so we can set up an appointment for either a FREE AC check or a $55 diagnostic (free with repair).


What does our AC inspection include?

Check of high and low side Freon pressures, compressor check, check condenser, inspect for any visual leaks in the system, check belts, hoses, and fan operation. In some cases it may be necessary to evacuate and recharge the system. If a leak is suspected but can't be seen visually, dye can be injected into the system to aide in future diagnostics. Any charged services will be confirmed by the customer before any action is taken.

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